Cold Tub Therapy

CrossFit Los Feliz is now offering Professional cold tub therapy in our medical grade cold tub with self sanitizing filter.

Cold tub therapy benefits:

  • Improves overall athletic performance
  • Speeds up recovery and promotes injury repair
  • Improves sleep
  • Lowers body fat/weight loss
  • Strengthens the bodies immune system
  • Aids in alleviating depression and anxiousness
  • Increases testosterone and sperm counts in men

Here is what a few members had to say after using the Cold Tub:

“It has DRAMATICALLY brought the swelling down in my knees after just one use. Definitely going to keep using this bad boy. Thanks so much! “JM

“I love the cold bath! Thanks for introducing it to us! I’ve done it 3 times and it’s helped speed up my recovery from soreness and it has alleviated my shoulder tendonitis. best sleep I’ve had were the days I used the cold bath.”KH

“It holds up to all of the hype. I have had severe shoulder pain off and on for over a decade. The cold bath took the pain away and any muscle soreness from the workouts is greatly reduced. It’s great to be able to recover in less time. And it’s not that bad. It’s just the first minute or two that are rough. Then it’s a breeze!KR

For more information please click to the article “A Therapy for the Ages.”

To attain these benefits simply reserve an appointment at CrossFit Los Feliz.

Each bath is only $8 for members/$10 for non-members.

Cold tub therapy